Midnight Son: Fearnet Review

Great review from Fearnet.com –

“Kilberg and Parish are nothing short of excellent, particularly as the film goes on and the couple withstands some truly unpleasant roadblocks in their relationship. Like most good horror stories,Midnight Son takes the surreal, the bizarre, and the tragic, and uses those components to make a point or two about simple, basic humanity.” – Read the full review


Midnight Son Reviews and an Exclusive

Great write-up and a review from Dread Central for Midnight Son!

Dread Central’s Midnight Son Review –

“Couple all of this with solid performances turned in from every actor, a great score that keeps you appropriately on edge, and enough horror elements to keep even the most jaded of fans entertained, and you get one hell of a rock solid experience.” – Read the full review

Dread Central’s Article – “Indie Horror Month – Exclusive: Scott Leberecht and Matt Compton Talk Midnight Son”

For producer Matt Compton Midnight Son was a story he immediately recognized as unlike anything going on in the horror genre at the time. “When I first read the script, I knew there was something so amazing and unique about Scott’s story so I knew I had to get on board to help get this movie to the finish line. Scott had such an enthusiasm for the story, which is why I think we all went above and beyond to make sure we got to this point of getting the movie out there for audiences. That enthusiasm was almost infectious.” – Read the full article

Midnight Son Review: Trailer Park Reviews

Great review on A Site Called Fred (asitecalledfred.com)!

“Everything about this film is great from the cast to the crew. Everyone involved have given their all and have delivered something very special that any horror buff would cherish..” – Read the entire review here

Midnight Son Review – Variety



Midnight Son was written up in Variety!

“Perfs, design contributions and overall assembly are expert on a budget.” – Read the full review

Midnight Son – Trailer

Midnight Son – Trailer from Lisa McCorkle on Vimeo.

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